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      'Grobnica sa kupidonima' iz Viminacijuma - prilog proučavanju konstrukcije, ikonografije i stila [1]
      'Tomb with cupids' from Viminacium: A contribution to research of construction, iconography and style [1]
      A 12th century set of marvered purple glass vessels from Braničevo (Serbia) [1]
      A Camel Skeleton from the Viminacium Amphitheatre [1]
      A camel skeleton from the Viminacium amphitheatre [1]
      A case of Myositis ossificans traumatica on one skeleton from Viminacium [1]
      A contribution to the culture stratigraphy of the monastery of the Holy Archangels at Prizren [1]
      A contribution to the study of lamellar armors [1]
      A contribution to understanding stratigraphy of Lepenski Vir [1]
      A message from beyond the grave: Hercules rescuing Hesione on a Stojnik funerary monument [1]
      A New Find of Bronze Hinged Fibula from the Vicinity of Svrljig [1]
      A new find of lead mirror frames from Rit (Viminacium) [1]
      A portrait oil lamp from Pontes: Possible interpretations and meanings within early Byzantine visual culture [1]
      A review of several graves between the city and the military camp [1]
      A review of the study of human skeletal material from Viminacium [1]
      A Step into the Past: Approaches to Identity, Communications and Material Culture in South-Eastern European Archaeology; Papers dedicated to Petar Popović for his 78th birthday [1]
      A warrior’s journey? Some recent taxonomic, trace element and lead isotope analyses of Mediterranean later Bronze Age metalwork in the Central and West Balkans [1]
      About neolithic authenticity of finds from Belica [1]
      Absolute Datierung der Fundstelle Buban, Ausgrabungen 2008-2014 [1]
      Ad palatinas acipensem mittite mensas: Fish remains from Viminacium [1]