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Ring with the image of Pan from the collection of the National Museum in Leskovac

dc.creatorZotović, Radmila
dc.description.abstractThis work is about an iron ring with encrusted silver gem. Although it is preserved only fragmentary, there are enough elements to conclude that it was produced in the local workshop in the region of Upper Mezia in the middle of II century. The objects from this workshop were mostly known as good imitations of Italic models. The scene on the gem represents the struggle of Pan with a jumping goat and was manufactured by the technique of casting. The exception is a stylized image of a branch behind the goat's back which was engraved. This image belongs to the genre which deals with the scenes of Dionises and his joyful and lustful companions. Among these scenes the most popular one during I and II century AD was this one showing the struggle of Pan with a jumping goat.en
dc.publisherNarodni muzej, Leskovac
dc.sourceLeskovački zbornik
dc.titlePrsten sa predstavom Pana iz zbirke Narodnog muzeja u Leskovcusr
dc.titleRing with the image of Pan from the collection of the National Museum in Leskovacen
dc.citation.other(37): 24-27

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