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Prehistoric sites along highway 75 E: A preliminary report

dc.creatorBulatović, Aleksandar
dc.creatorKapuran, Aleksandar
dc.description.abstractDuring the 2011 - 2012 The Archaeological Institute, Belgrade and the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade conducted rescue excavations on a section of the E 75 Grabovnica near Leskovac and Bujanovac in Levosoj. Nine prehistoric sites, listed in this paper, were explored. Ranutovac, Meanište arch. site, Vranje (Map 1/1). The site contains the remains of people burned in funeral pyres, dates back to the Early Bronze Age(photo 1, Fig. 1-4), the village from the Early Iron Age(Fig. 5-7) and the settlement from the late phase of the early Iron Age (fig. 8-10). Donji Neradovac, Golo rebro arch. site, Vranje (Map 1/2); remains dates back to the Early Bronze Age(Fig. 11). Pavlovac, Kovačke njive site, Vranje (Map 1/3; 2 photos). Settlements from the Neolithic period (Starčevačka and The Vinča culture - photos 11, 12) and the Early Iron Age (Fig. 14, 15). Pavlovac, site Čukar, Vranje (Map 1/4). Settlements from the Neolithic period (Starčevačka and The Vinča culture) and the Early Iron Age. Pavlovac, site Gumnište Vranje (card 1/5). Settlements date back to the Middle and Late Neolithic. Davidovac, location site of the church, Vranje (Map 1/6). The settlement from the Early Iron Age (fig. 16-23). Davidovac, Gradište, Bujanovac (card 1/7). The burial dates back to the early Bronze Age settlements from the Late Bronze Age (fig. 24, 25) and the early Iron Age (fig. 26-28). Karadnik, Kamenjarke arch. site , Bujanovac (map 1/8). The settlement from the Early Iron Age. Oslare, Vučjak arch. site , Bujanovac (Map 1/9). The settlement dates back to the Early / late Iron Age.en
dc.publisherNarodni muzej, Leskovac
dc.sourceLeskovački zbornik
dc.titlePraistorijski lokaliteti na trasi autoputa E 75 - prethodni izveštajsr
dc.titlePrehistoric sites along highway 75 E: A preliminary reporten
dc.citation.other(53): 12-21

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