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      Contribution to the study of military functions of aquilifer, decurio cohortis and eques: Evidence from Serbia [1]
      Contribution to the study of roman architecture in Viminacium: Research of thermae masonry techniques [1]
      Contribution to the Study of Spectacle-shaped Pendants in Western Serbia [1]
      Copan. The history of an ancient Maya kingdom. [1]
      Copper isotopes as a means of determining regional metallurgical practices in European prehistory: A reply to Jansen [1]
      Copper processing in Vinča: New contributions to the thesis about metallurgical character of Vinča culture [1]
      Copper production and supra-regional exchange networks ? Cu-matte smelting in the Balkans between 2000 and 1500 BC [1]
      Corded Ware in the Central and Southern Balkans: A Consequence of Cultural Interaction or an Indication of Ethnic Change? [1]
      COST - akcija, projekat ARKWORK [1]
      Coţofeni-Kostolac culture on the territory of north-eastern Serbia [1]
      Craftsmanship on the Middle Danube Limes [1]
      Creation of the Mammoth Park at Viminacium, Serbia [1]
      Crossbow fibulae from Gamzigrad (Romuliana) [1]
      Cult of Silvan in the Area of Viminacium [1]
      Cultural and chronological position of the chalcolithic horizons iii and iv at bubanj site - Excavations from 19541 [1]
      Cultural contacts between communities of southwestern Romania and the central Balkans in the fourth millennium BC [1]
      Culture, self, and meaning. [1]
      D. Papanikola-Bakirtzi (ed.): Byzantine glazed ceramics: The art of sgraffito, Katalog izložbe, Greek Ministry of Culture, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Archaeological Receipts Fund, Athens, 1999 [1]
      Deconstruction of the Caričin grad fortifications [1]
      Dental and jaws status in pre-historic human population of the Gomolava site [1]