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      L'urbanisation dans les interprétations archéologiques: L'exemple des agglomérations 'hellénisées' à l'intérieur des Balkans [1]
      La morte come liberazione (CIL III 10214 = CLE 1781): stele con un episodio della storia di Oreste dalla Pannonia Inferiore [1]
      La peinture funerarie antique IVe siècle av. J.-C.-IVe siècle ap. J.-C, Actes du VIIe colloque de l’association internationale pour la peinture murale antique (AIMPA), 6–10 octobre 1998 Saint-Romain-En-Gal-Vienne, sous la direction d’Alix Barbet, Editions Errance, Paris 2001 [1]
      La Tene finds in the vicinity of Bor [1]
      La tombe de Mokranje [1]
      Laser cleaning of the archaeological metal sample from the Danube [1]
      Late antique domus in Skelani (Municipium Malvesiatium) [1]
      Late antique necropolis in Davidovac-Crkvište [1]
      Late bronze age house from Mediana-sector south: A contribution to the study of relations between Paraćin and Brnjica cultural groups [1]
      Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Architecture in the Južna Morava Basin [1]
      Late Hallstatt Female Head/Hair Decoration in the Southern Carpathian Basin. Temple Rings of the Ciumbrud and Donja Dolina Types [1]
      Late Hallstatt pottery from north-eastern Serbia (6th to 4th century BC) [1]
      Late Neolithic chronology in the contact zone between the south edge of the Carpathian Mountains and the Pannonian plain. The case study of Vršac region [1]
      Late Roman building at the Čair-castrum site: Contribution to the study of the profane architecture of Viminacium [1]
      Late Roman fortification at Zidinac in the Iron Gates [1]
      Late Roman Fortification Horreum Margi [1]
      Late Roman fortifications in the Leskovac basin in relation to urban Centres [1]
      Late Roman necropolis Beljnjača in Šid [1]
      Late Roman necropolis of Romuliana, area south of the fortified palace: Research 2005-2006 [1]
      Latenski nalazi u okolini Bora - prilog proučavanju latenske kulture u Timočkoj krajini [1]