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      Habanska keramika sa beogradske tvrđave - kontekst, hronologija i dizajn [1]
      Hammering the past: The experimental (re)construction and usage of prehistoric mining hammerstones from the Prljuša-Mali Šturac site, Rudnik mountain [1]
      Handle with Care: Handles, Hafts and Sleeves from Osseous Material in the Starčevo Culture [1]
      Hanging chandeliers from the territory of medieval Serbia [1]
      Health and social status of children and female individuals in the ancient Naissus, Viminacium and Sirmium [1]
      Health and Social Status of Children in the Late Roman Timacum Minus [1]
      Health status of children in ancient Sirmium [1]
      Helenizacija u novom ključu: potrošnja grčke firnisovane keramike, "umrežavanje" i kulturne promene na Krševici, V-III vek pre n.e. [1]
      Heritage we pretend not to see: An old mining community in the village of Kostolac, Serbia [1]
      Heroic themes of the Trojan cycle in Roman funerary art example of a relief from Pincum [1]
      Historical Flow of Building Materials as a Parameter for Determination of Cultural Landscape [1]
      Hoard of Roman coins from the vicinity of Smederevo Mezul I (Dobri Do I) [1]
      Hoard of Roman silver coins and jewellery from the village of Dvorska near Krupanj (western Serbia) [1]
      Hoards of Serbian medieval coins in Belgrade national museum collection [1]
      Holistic anthropology: emergence and convergence [1]
      Horizon of the late roman necropolises with rectangular and circular kernoi in southeastern Serbia, eastern Macedonia and western Bulgaria [1]
      Horizont ranog bronzanog doba na lokalitetu Rit [1]
      Horizont starijeg gvozdenog doba na lokalitetu Nad Klepečkom [1]
      Horizontalna i vertikalna stratigrafija lokaliteta Adžine Njive – Brajkovo kod Klenka na osnovu dosadašnjih arheoloških istraživanja 2021. i 2022. godine [1]
      Horizonti bronzanog doba na lokalitetu Nad Klepečkom [1]