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      Dental and jaws status in pre-historic human population of the Gomolava site [1]
      Dental anthropological status of the human population found in the Roman site of Viminacium necropolis "Kod Koraba" [1]
      Dental status of the population from the Roman site of Nad Klepeckom-Viminacium [1]
      Dentalnoantropološki status humane populacije antičkog lokaliteta Viminacijum - nekropola "Kod Koraba" [1]
      Der kulturelle Charakter und die Chronologie der Starčevo - Elemente im neolithikum der westlichen Balkan Regionen [1]
      Design and building specificities of the fortified residential complex at the site of Vrelo-Šarkamen [1]
      Digging deeper: Insights into metallurgical transitions in European prehistory through copper isotopes [1]
      Distribution ratio of issues from the mints of Viminacium and Dacia: The example of the southern necropoles of Viminacium [1]
      Doing Anthropology in Wartime and War Zones. World War I and the Cultural Sciences in Europe [1]
      Drenovac: a Neolithic settlement in the Middle Morava Valley, Serbia [1]
      Dugi i kratki tranzit u kasnoj antici na primeru Munjskog brda i Rogatice [1]
      Dva rimska kamena spomenika iz Čajetine [1]
      Dva votivna žrtvenika posvećena Liberu iz Užica [1]
      Early Bronze Age Barrow Graves in North-West Bulgaria [1]
      Early Byzantine finds from Čečan and Gornji Streoc (Kosovo) [1]
      Early Christian baptistries in Northern Illyricum [1]
      Early Christian Finds on the Middle Danube Limes [1]
      Early iron age burial complex from the Svrljig area [1]